Two passionate and dedicated volunteers from the Cronulla electorate, Gymea Bay’s Maureen Clark and Kurnell’s Nick Boes,  have been announced as recipients of NSW Community Service Awards.

Maureen Clark is a volunteer team leader at Dandelion Support Network where she has been part of its work to get donated clothing, furniture and other items to children and families in need since the organisation started more than 12 years ago.

Maureen has a huge heart for people facing hardship and she been instrumental in the work of Dandelion Support Network, leading the team that gets items of clothing to children and families who need it.

She has been an active supporter of Dandelion’s fundraising, a great mentor of new volunteers and is highly valued by everyone at the organisation.

Nick Boes has been volunteering in the Kurnell community since he moved there in 1958, including as founder of the Adopt Our Historic Drive Campaign established to beautify and maintain Captain Cook Drive as a scenic tourist drive.

Nick is a local treasure in Kurnell having been a volunteer for a range of causes, projects, and organisations for an incredible 66 years.

He is highly respected and loved for his long list of work as a volunteer, including as member and captain of the then local bush fire brigade, leading the campaign to improve the look of Captain Cook Drive, and giving his time or money for students at Kurnell Public School.

Maureen and Nick have given a considerable amount of their own time to help make life better for people in the Shire and it is fitting that their service is recognised at a State level. I congratulate them on what they have done for our community, they are representative of many kind-hearted and spirited volunteers that have made our Shire what it is today.