Quicker journey times are on their way for Caringbah motorists with improvements at the intersection of President Avenue and Kingsway.

The upgrade will improve traffic flow, increase capacity and reduce delays for thousands of road users on one of Sydney’s key corridors.

The upgrade includes duplicating the right turn lane from Kingsway into President Avenue, removing up to 14 restricted parking spaces in the eastbound lane of Kingsway to allow through traffic and enforcing no right turns from Hay Avenue onto Kingsway (buses excepted).

There will be replacement parking in Caringbah CBD. There will be around 14 replacement perpendicular car park spaces added in Hay Avenue next to the train line in the existing taxi holding area. In the Hay Avenue carpark, around 13 existing parking spaces next to Hay Lane will be converted to half hour parking.

In addition, the Sutherland Traffic Committee will investigate:

  • Hay Avenue becoming two way
  • An additional small taxi rank adjacent to the southern kerb of Kingsway immediately west of the traffic lights at the train station
  • Parallel parking on the north east side of Hay Lane
  • Perpendicular parking on the south side of Hay Avenue
  • No right turn from Port Hacking Road into Kingsway

A bus stop will remain on Kingsway heading east next to the train station.