Rebecca Hinshelwood of Kurnell has been named as the 2022 Cronulla Woman of the Year.

Rebecca is the President and Deputy Captain of Kurnell Rural Fire Service (RFS) and is one of many women in the Cronulla electorate who make a significant contribution as leaders in our community.

As a leader in the RFS, Rebecca is a great role model for women in an organisation that has traditionally had more male volunteers.

For almost 29 years Rebecca has been a volunteer in the Kurnell RFS, serving on the front line as a firefighter and in a number of senior roles locally.

She has shown great community spirit and dedication to giving back to Kurnell, balancing her volunteer work with raising her three daughters and a career as a nurse.

Rebecca has been committed to regular training and improving her skills and knowledge, while gaining valuable experience fighting the 1997, 2001 and 2019-20 ‘Black Summer’ bushfires.

This award is due recognition of her commitment and the valuable role she plays in steering an essential local service.

It is also an opportunity to again appreciate and recognise the sacrifices Rebecca and all RFS volunteers and their families make to help keep our community safe.

Rebecca has continued the legacy of her father, the late David Lavis, who was Kurnell RFS captain for 17 years in a 30 year career with the organisation. 

Rebecca serves in the Kurnell RFS alongside her husband David Hinshelwood who is the brigade Captain.