New reverse vending machines (RVMs) for the NSW container deposit scheme Return and Earn have been installed at the Caringbah Bowling and Recreation Club, 105 Willarong Rd, Caringbah.


Return and Earn is the largest litter reduction initiative to be introduced in NSW. 3.6 million containers have already been collected at the two other reverse vending machine kiosks in the Cronulla area and more than 580 million across NSW.


RVMs provide community users a refund in three ways. They can:

  • Receive the refund into a registered PayPal account by scanning the myTOMRA app code on your smartphone at the machine
  • Collect a printed voucher that can be redeemed for either cash or an in-store purchase at the retail partner (in this case it is Coles)
  • Donate to one of the donation partners listed on the machine


Local community groups, schools, sports groups and charities can also apply to become a local donation partner on the machine so people returning containers to the site can choose to donate them their refund.


Drink containers eligible for the 10 cent refund include most containers between 150ml and three litres. Containers must be intact (not crushed or broken) and have a readable barcode to be eligible for the refund.


Residents can still use their kerbside recycling bins for ineligible drink containers. They can also still place their eligible containers into the kerbside recycling bins or even donate them to local charities or community groups that are collecting them for fundraising purposes.


For more information, including a return point map, eligible drink containers, and how to apply to become a donation partner, visit: