The NSW Government will spend $2.5 million to fund dredging work in the Port Hacking’s main navigation channels, Cronulla MP Mark Speakman announced today.

The channels are used daily by the Cronulla to Bundeena ferry service and hundreds of recreational and commercial vessels.

“This safety issue has dragged on far too long. The local council has refused to make any contribution, unlike other councils along the NSW coast, which has been very frustrating,” Mr Speakman said.

“I’m grateful that the current NSW Transport Minister has listened to Lee Evans and me and stepped in to bypass the council and resolve the impasse.”

Mr Speakman said the dredging of the channel would make navigation on one of the Shire’s most popular boating areas “easier, safer and more enjoyable”.

Cronulla Ferries owner Carl Rogan is optimistic the dredging will make a big difference for boat owners and operators.

“This is fantastic news for all users of Port Hacking. From a safety point of view and ease of navigation the proposed dredging will assist all mariners,” Mr Rogan said.

Mr Speakman said the NSW Government is committed to providing access to key coastal locations, river entrances and local waterways through improved navigation for commercial and recreational vessels.

The last major dredging work in the Port Hacking channel was carried out in 2012. The new work is expected to be completed this year.