Sutherland Courthouse has undergone a $1.7 million transformation in sustainability and building upgrades including the installation of rooftop solar panels and an energy storage system.

The installation of the 100 kilowatt rooftop solar system will help reduce the building’s energy consumption by up to 40% which means less impact on the environment.

The new energy storage system will store solar energy from the panels, which can be used when the sun isn’t shining, further reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

The NSW Government’s investment in solar and battery storage will help generate significant savings to the local community as well as the environment with savings of up to $170,000 in running costs over the next five years and it will contribute towards reducing close to 114 tonnes of emissions per year. This is equivalent to planting 1,687 trees.

The completed works at Sutherland Courthouse also include major refurbishments to the entire roof of the courthouse spanning an area equivalent to 13 tennis courts, re-painting the courthouse’s 80s exterior and remediation of the sandstone façade.

More than 13,700 local court matters were finalised at Sutherland Local Court in 2021, making it the third busiest courthouse in the Sydney metropolitan area, following the Downing Centre and Parramatta Court.