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The NSW government’s mission is to build modern infrastructure, provide strong frontline services and protect the environment, the vulnerable and the community more generally.

A strong economy helps us afford all these things.

The NSW government has led the state’s transformation from the weakest economy in Australia in 2010 to at or near the top for the last 3 years.

For 4 years our unemployment rate has been the lowest or second lowest of any state; we had the slowest employment growth in the last 10 years of the previous government.

We’ve wiped the state’s net debt. We’ve put 11,000 extra nurses, midwives, hospital doctors and teachers on the frontline. And importantly, we’re well on the way to fixing the infrastructure backlog with a doubling of state-funded spending.

We can see the benefits of that extraordinary economic transformation locally. For example:

  • We’ve spent around $350 million upgrading Sutherland and St George Hospitals (completed)
  • We’ve fully air conditioned all scheduled train services on the Cronulla line and introduced extra services and faster peak hour services
  • We’re increasing the peak hour capacity of the Cronulla train line by up to 30% by the early 2020s
  • We’re spending over $2 billion building Stage 1 of the F6 south to Kogarah and we’ve spent around $45 million planning it south to Loftus
  • Over $320 million from “poles and wires” will help to fix traffic hotspots on southern Sydney main roads like the Princes Highway, the Kingsway and Taren Point Road
  • We’re spending over $30 million fixing other local main road pinch points in the next few years including the Gannons Road bridge.

But there’s still a lot more to do and we always need your feedback.